Unlimited printing may be suitable for multiple materials

Rich application cases of printable materials

Stable quality and fast implementation of personalized customization

The crystal label printer operates stably throughout its lifespan, ensuring basic customer benefits

Using industry-renowned brand accessories to provide strong support

  • Selected Materials and Accessories

    Using high-quality ink, imported varnish, and specialized glue, the nozzle will not clog even after long-term use

  • Adapt to various types of planes

    Using various smooth irregular flat surfaces and curved surfaces can solve the printing problem of irregular products

  • Widely used

    Suitable for most materials, with a wide range of industries and affordable consumables

Save time and effort to improve production efficiency

  • Equipped with heating and laminating function, paper receiving system, no need for manual operation
  • Small machines with high energy, direct glue printing, greatly reducing costs
  • Crystal labels can restore natural colors, with clear and realistic printed patterns and high washability
  • Just provide the design manuscript, and the logo pattern, text, etc. can be customized

Air suction printing platform

Smooth and stable feeding without displacement, effectively preventing material warping and protecting the nozzle

Film size supports customization

The integrated mold platform solves the crystal marking pain points of large graphics and texts with a width greater than 30CM that are difficult to print in the market

Efficient and precise printing

Accurate ink pressure control, outstanding and high-quality printing effect

  • Quenching frame

    Thick architecture, strong stability, and no deformation after five years of normal use

  • Upper silver linear guide rail

    Silent dual guide rail, low noise, high accuracy, wear resistance, and long service life

  • German Igus drag chain

    Has high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity, stable high and low temperature performance, and strong resistance to resistance

  • Hot stamping and laminating integrated rubber roller

    Double rubber roller, diameter 6 centimeters, high-temperature hot stamping rubber roller, maximum 300 ° C

  • Leisai servo motor

    High precision, durable and long-lasting

  • Electronic anti-collision device

    When encountering foreign objects first, it can cause the microswitch to power off, causing the car to stop moving immediately, and the computer will pop up for emergency stop processing

  • Epson I3200-U1 nozzle

    Equipped with precision nozzles and ink paths manufactured with MEMS technology, the sprayed ink droplets are close to a circle and accurately positioned; VSDT variable ink technology reduces the graininess of the image, smooth color transitions, and high saturation

  • High performance nozzle

    High resolution, excellent durability, dedicated to the industrial printing field, achieving high-speed output and high-quality printing

  • Black electroplated suction platform

    70 ultra wide width, aluminum suction platform to prevent medium displacement and damage to the nozzle due to reflective light

  • Large capacity ink supply system

    Ensure uninterrupted printing for a long time. When there is insufficient ink margin, an automatic alarm will sound, and the operator can add ink at any time without stopping midway

Customized solutions for diversified craftsmanship of crystal labels

AB film process three nozzles W+CMYK+V

White ink+four printing colors+glossy oil

Direct spray glue process four nozzle glue+W+CMYK+V

Glue+white ink+four printing colors+gloss oil

Digital hot stamping process three nozzle glue+W+V

Glue+white ink+hot stamping oil

For more nozzle matching solutions, you can contact BaofengOnline ServiceOr Sales Manager。

Epson I3200-U1 print head

Innovative printing to make your products more outstanding

With its unique printing function, it can personalize multiple printing effects

Light oil relief

Synchronous printing of gloss effect, precise control of local gloss printing area, no need for manual application, improving gloss printing efficiency.

Glass flat labeling

Single or multi-layer white ink speculation, top layer covered with colored ink, synchronized relief printing, exquisite relief effect, prominent 3D sense

Circular labeling

Reverse printing refers to printing on the back of transparent materials such as glass and acrylic, displaying a printing method on the front, which can achieve double-sided imaging effect and clear imaging.

Transparent material labeling

Basic CMYK four color printing adds LC and LM to achieve wide color gamut printing, with delicate printing effects and high color reproduction.

Stereo plane effect

Compared to partial gloss printing, full gloss printing requires higher requirements for UV printers to achieve full gloss printing without bubbles and wire drawing.

LOGO 3D printing

The Baofeng UV flatbed printer uses precise ink control to precisely control CMYK inkjet, achieving monochrome printing results comparable to spot color ink.



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